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Thank you for your interest in Jana Schmitt Counseling.  I've chosen to call my site the reclaimed soul because I think it conjures up an interesting image of the transformation that occurs through the counseling process.  

Designers and furniture builders who prefer reclaimed wood as their pallet will tell you there is an art to finding the pieces worth salvaging.  They search out the wood with cracks, warping and imperfections because this gives their creation character and uniqueness.  

In Ephesians 2:10, God says that we are His masterpiece, His workmanship.  He chooses us, with all of our cracks and imperfections, to be unique reflections of His character.  Each of us is a work in progress, created with an innate desire to know and be known, to love and be loved.  

When we don't know how to get these needs met in healthy ways, we can fall into unhealthy, destructive cycles in an attempt to feel loved and valued.  Our efforts may seem to work for awhile, but eventually there is a life crisis and we break.  If this is where you are, I believe counseling can help.

Or perhaps this is not your story but you find yourself struggling with depression, excessive worry and anxiety, insomnia, relationship conflicts, loneliness, prolonged grief over a loss, or difficulties with seasons of life transition.  I believe counseling can help you as well.

I welcome the opportunity to hear from you and to come alongside you as an active participant and advocate in your journey out of the darkness into the full, abundant life for which you were made.


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I realize it takes courage to make the initial contact in an attempt to find a counselor who is a good fit for you.  There's a certain amount of emotional risk involved in baring our souls to another human being. It's my desire as a therapist to create a safe, welcoming, non-judgmental environment.  One in which you feel heard and understood.  A place where you can freely express, process, discover and heal.  


You can expect your first visit to be a time of getting to know each other.  I will ask you about your reasons for seeking professional counseling, any symptoms you may have been experiencing, medications you are currently taking and other lifestyle factors that may be affecting your emotional health.  Please feel free to share with me during this time any life history events that may be relevant to your reason for coming in.  Perhaps you will have questions for me as well.  It is my hope that we will make a connection during this first meeting that will pave the way for us to work together on establishing a direction and goal-setting for future sessions.


Your first visit will be the most productive if you complete the forms in advance and email them to me at least 24 hours prior to your appointment.


Remember, therapy is not a "quick fix".  While it's not my goal to draw you into an extended, indefinite, long-term commitment, please understand that emotional healing is a journey.  My role as your therapist is to walk alongside you in this journey for this season as an advocate, an intercessor and a collaborator.  


Please click on the links below to retrieve the new client forms and to learn about fees and payment methods.

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